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novembre 2014

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Contact : Jean Michel Escalier


Since one year GEO-Transfert has a new biomonitoring activity and accompagny the JC Massabuau research team for the development of the Molluscan-Eye service. GEO-Transfert recently contributed to a first valvometry device in situ installation and operated a NKE multiparameter probe. Probe and GPRS data teletransmission allow to monitor water temperature, turbidity and chlorophyll-a concentrations in the Barentz Sea (Russia) and to better understand bivalves behavior.



We are pleased to announce the creation of our spin-off in august 2014.
Following seven years of R&D projets and works in the frame of GEO-Transfert, our remote sensing activity grows now within the company i-SEA.
Contact : Aurélie Dehouck



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